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Sudanese - Canadian Relationship

1961 – 1983:

 The diplomatic relations between Sudan and Canada has been established in May, 1961 when the Sudanese Ambassador Resident in Washington D.C. H. E. Ambassador Abd Alaziz Elnasry Hamza was accredited to Ottawa while the Canadian Ambassador Resident in Cairo was accredited to Khartoum.

In December 27th, 1978 Sudan opened its first Embassy in Ottawa while the Canadian Ambassador David McDonald resident in Addis Ababa - the Former Minister of Transportation and Member of Parliament for the Conservative - was accredited to Khartoum.
The visit of the Sudanese Presidential Envoy to Ottawa in February 19th, 1979 was a mark stone in the bilateral relation during the first decade. He met Prime Minister and other federal and provincial officials.


As a result of this visit the two sides agreed upon:

1- Establishment of joint Businessmen Union.
2- Discussion of giving loans to Sudan.
3- Open the avenues for cooperation between Alberta University and Khartoum University.
But the Sudanese Embassy in Ottawa was closed after four years among other 20 Embassies according to Presidential Resolution to decrease the governmental expenditures.
CIDA was very active in Sudan between (1979 - 1980) in the fields of mechanized agriculture, forestry, roads, and it granted with Sudan two million Dollars in 1979 to cover those fields.

1983 – 1996:

Due to the closure of the Sudanese Embassy in Ottawa in June 3rd, 1983, the developmental aid provided by CIDA decreased from 12, 91 million Dollars in (1983 -1984) to 10, 66 million Dollars in (1984 – 1985).
Re-opening of the Sudan Embassy in 1985 has been welcomed by the government of Canada, and subsequently the Canadian aid to Sudan increased to 50.01 million Dollars in (1985-1986). CIDA granted Sudan with 38 million Dollars in (1986-1987) to cover the field of developmental projects.

After the National Salvation Revolution government took the power in Sudan, it sent a special delegation headed by General Dominick Kasiano, the member of the Revolution Command Council. The delegation met the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development. The visit was described as a fruitful and successful one. Unfortunately the relations between Sudan and all western countries began to deteriorate due the break out of the second Gulf war. In 1993 Canada began to stop its developmental aid program to Sudan but continued in the field of humanitarian aid. In 1996 Canada joined other countries that applied the Security Council Resolution (1054) which stipulates on reducing the number of Sudanese diplomats in the Sudanese missions all over the world , hence the Canadian government asked Sudan to keep its mission in Ottawa at the level of Chargé d’ Affaires with a second Secretary.

1996 – 2004:

The real break through in the Sudanese Canadian relation was the investment of the Canadian Talisman Energy Inc. in Sudan. Talisman bought 25% shares of Petroleum Consortium owned by Sudan government, China and Malaysia in August 17th , 1998. After the engagement of Talisman in Sudan Petroleum Sector a deep concern about the situation in Sudan rose up in Canada. In September 1998, the Canadian Centre for Development of Foreign Relations convened a round – table conference on this issue, and the conference affirmed the policy of “Constructive Engagement” in Sudan. Talisman decided to sell its share of the petroleum consortium in 1999 to India’s (ONGC) Company, after campaign was raised against the company ending in preventing it from entering American stock market.

After long consultation between the two countries, the diplomatic relations were up graded, in 2004. Sudan upgraded its diplomatic representation in Ottawa to the level of Ambassador, and Ambassador Dr. Faiza Hassan Taha presented her credential letters in November 2004.
The Canadian government decided to upgrade its representation in Khartoum to the level of Chargé d’ Affaires in December 2004, during the visit of the previous Prime Minister Paul Martin to Khartoum. The Canadian Chargé d’ Affaires took his job in Khartoum in April 2005.


The Most Important Canadian Activities in Sudan:
1- Steven Harper Plan to Support the Peace in Darfur in May 2006.
2- Paul Martin Plan to Support AU Force in Darfur in May 2005.
3- Canada Pledge of $90 million in Multi-donor Oslo Conference in April 2005.
4- Talisman Energy Inc. shared 25% of the Sudanese Petroleum Consortium between 1997- 1999.
5- Sesame Agriculture Project of 28 million which finished in 1992.
6- Darfur Water Project of 9,1 million which finished 1986.
7- A forestation Project in Kordafan State of 2,206 million finished in 1986.
8- For more information about the recent activities please visit Canada active in Sudan at (

Previous Sudanese Ambassadors and Chargé d’ Affairs:

  1. H. E. Ambassador Abd Alaziz Elnasry Hamza, resident in Washington D.C

  2. H. E. Ambassador Ibrahim Mohammed Ali ( 1978-1980)

  3. H. E. Dr. Francis Deng ( 1980-1983)

  4. H. E. Ambassador Nouri Khalil (1986-1990)

  5. H. E. Ambassador Mohammed Abdeldaim Bashir (1990-1991)

  6. Mr. El Tayeb Ali Ahmed Chargé d’ Affaire (1991-1993)

  7. Mr. El Fadil Osman Aleheamir Chargé d’ Affaire (1993-1997)

  8. Mr. Abdul Ghani Elnaim Chargé d’ Affaire (1997-2004)

Previous Canadian Ambassadors and Chargé d’ Affairs:


Resident in




IcomingAddisCIDAAmbassadorYves Boulanger

2002-2005AddisCIDAAmbassadorRosaline Murray

1998-2002AddisFACAmbassadorJohn Schram

1995-1998AddisFACAmbassadorGabriel Lessard

1992-1995AddisFACAmbassadorDavid Stockwell

1989-1992AddisFACAmbassadorFrancis Filleul

1987-1989AddisFACAmbassadorDavid MacDonald

1985-1987AddisFACAmbassadorMarc Perron

1983-1985no data AmbassadorJohn Schioler

1980-1983no data AmbassadorRobert Elliot

1977-1980no data AmbassadorJean-Marie Déry

1974-1977no data AmbassadorJean-Marcel Touchette

1971-1974no data AmbassadorDavid Stansfield

1967-1970no data AmbassadorThomas Carter

1964-1967no data AmbassadorJohn Stames

1963-1964no data AmbassadorJoseph Chapdelaine

1961-1963no data AmbassadorRobert Ford




Canadian Trade Balance

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Origin : Canada
Destination : Sudan
Period : Last 5 Years
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