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Profile Of Sudan
Emblem of Sudan and the national Anthem

The emblem of the Republic of the Sudan is the Secretary Bird in a state of stillness with its wings stretched. There is a frame linking the wings in which the words "Victory is for Us" are written. There is also an arched frame at the base in which the words "The Republic of the Sudan" are written.

The emblem was first adopted during the government of former President Jaffar Mohammed Nimeiri (1969-1985), replacing the previous emblem, which was the rhinoceros. The Secretary Bird is known for its might, ability to fly at great heights and powerful sight. It can run for long distances

Sudan, in northeast Africa, Sudan is the largest country in Africa. Covering an area of a million square. Its neighbors are Chad and the Central African Republic on the west, Egypt and Libya on the north, Ethiopia and Eritrea on the east, and Kenya, Uganda, and Democratic Republic of the Congo on the south. The Red Sea washes about 500 mi of the eastern coast. It is traversed from north to south by the Nile, all of whose great tributaries are partly or entirely within its borders.


Sudan Map

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